There’s a reason why the pros setup Australian. Statistically, you will win 90% of the points played. It’s a tactical response to neutralizing good lobbers and just the setup has a psychological effect on your opponents.

The basics of the Australian setup requires the net player to take position on the same side of the court as the server. The sever positions as close as possible to the T. The Australian approach requires the net player to signal either an intent to poach into the opposite direction of their current position, hold position, or fake a poach. Based on the net player’s signal, the server will either move on a diagonal position into the court to the left or right.

The net player must move as soon as the sever hits the ball – if he’s going to poach. The server will move to cover the back court angle. The movement will force the receiver to react to the play – giving the serving team an offensive edge. Also, any lob can easily be managed in the air as a volley or overhead by the server, who should approach with intent to volley and setup or take a winning shot.