To understand the develoment of a player you must understand where you are at in that exact date and time. Players need to do an audit of there skills and know what place and time their level of play is at.  The player must look at them selves and evaluate themselves to know where there at before they can plan where they want to go.  This is just a way to understand how to look at themselves  to better develop  a plan of development.  This is based on NTRP  (National Tennis Rating Program) and gives a rating after they fill in the numbers and divide by 38.  Players and Coaches need to look at this as  a starting point for the player and a way to look at progress.  I see too may seat of the pants progress reports, which look like verbal report not written  to someone on how they are doing.  This is just what coaches do to give the parent of players confidence for the amount of effort in skill or match development. I think it is much better to have some kind of a value based system on the personal believes of the the player and the coach.  We all have percepitions of our skill and the coin has two sides and we have to look at both sides in all areas of development. The belief and opinion of the player and the coach. This presents us at a real starting point that is measurable not just a verbal description of skill!