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I’m Mike VanZutphen and I’ve helped thousands of players of all levels – from beginners, kids, and juniors; to intermediate and advanced recreational players; collegiate and professionals; improve their tennis games. If you live in, or around the Orange County, California area come on over for a FREE 30 minute Player Evaluation Assessment Tennis Lesson.

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Serve Lesson

Win 50% more points on your serve!

My serve training will take you through a progression of the serve, from beginning to end. You will also get my 3 steps to a perfect ball pitch. All combined, you’re serve will become more consistent and win more points and more games.

First Volley

Win more points by mastering the first volley.

You will lose 97% of points on the baseline. The “first volley” is the most important shot required to come forward. I’ll show you the technique required to hit a great first volley to win more points.

Service Return

Win on the return.

The 2nd most common shot in tennis and also one of the least practiced. My lessons will show you how to win more points on the service return.

Lob Return

Learn how Australian style beats lobbers!

Most players try to handle a lob return by moving back in the court. This leads to a defensive answer and lost opportunity. This lesson will show you how to take the ball in the air, move in and dominate the point.

Pick on the net player

Win more points by understanding how to take the ball to the right player.

Doubles play at the recreation level is usually played incorrectly. You have probably been taught to hit cross-court to the back court player. This is typically wrong. I’ll show you how to move forward into the court and how and when to take the ball to the net player resulting in an offensive game that wins more often.

Service Return

Win on the return.

The 2nd most common shot in tennis and also one of the least practiced. My lessons will show you how to win more points on the service return.

The Middle Court Lesson

The best way to handle floaters and short balls.

This teaches how to read the ball and choose and offensive way to play from about 3 feet behind the service line and 3 feet in front of the service line. It teaches weather to take the ball in mid air or let it bounce

Slice Forehand

A high volley with power to win points
This is most club players new weapon for return and short shots and lobs with the same visual look as the volley and it is often used for those slow high bounces on second serves to return and come to Net. It helps because it requires less backswing and can be used to disguised a shot based on the level of power.

Half Volley

Turn a defensive play into your advantage
This shot is a short hop shot with the intent to just get it back without popping it up and leaving yourself a kill shot for the other guy. The key is to get the racquet down to the level of the ball before it arrives and keep it like a flat wall. The angle the ball will come out is based on the wall and if flat it will come out at the same angle it traveled in.
Schedule a Lesson Today

Contact me today to schedule a lesson and start improving your tennis. My teaching style is unlike anything you have experienced. I’m patient, fun, and love what I do. My lessons are aimed at helping you understand the tennis fundamentals that so many players at every level miss.

I guarantee the best tennis lessons Orange County has to offer. You will leave every lesson with a better understanding of how to improve your technique, tennis strategy and court recognition skills. I offer tennis lessons in Orange County to the Public ** (No Membership Required) ** from Monday – Saturday at Sea Cliff Country in Huntington Beach, CA. Contact me today to schedule your next lesson.

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