So you just got spanked by a team who you can only characterize as the best lobbers, with the best volleys, the best ground strokes, etc… It’s a common misconception that comes from you and your team’s inability to self-diagnose your problems and make the necessary corrections to be successful.

Tennis is unlike so many sports where the coach has a chance to call time out and stop the same, bad decisions from happening over, and over again. It all comes down to you. If you’re getting lobbed it’s because you don’t understand court position and either come to the net at inappropriate times, or position yourself too close to the net. Of course you’re going to get lobbed – and lobbed – and lobbed. If you are convinced your opponents are the best volleyers, it because you’re hitting too high. There’s an explanation and remedy for all your woes. You just need to understand why you’re losing so¬† you can start winning.